Cryptocurrency Investment Projections in 2019

Apart from the negative news circulating since January 2018, there are still some people who want to invest in Cryptocurrency. Plus the market conditions that are currently showing Bearish, could there be a reason to keep investing on Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Investment Projections in 2019

What's with Cryptocurrency?

If you are still a layman and have not been following the development of Cryptocurrency, there is one thing you need to know, the world of crypto currencies has changed a lot since January 2018. Moreover, almost no convincing predictions come from expert analysts.

Bitcoin has fallen. Since November 1, 2018, this crypto currency has lost 30% of its value, from the initial figure of 6,000USD/BTC to 3400 USD/BTC on December 10th. The decline in this trend was a domino effect of public disappointment in the failure of various ICOs to be put on the market.

However, recently we saw movements indicating a comeback. During the end of November 2018, prices have risen to 3800 USD/BTC. If viewed technically at a glance, this is only a correction. But as time went on, the market showed Bullrush's action and began to bounce back like spring 2017.

However, before you start plunging and buying crypto currencies, think again. There are so many things to consider because this investment is more risky than other instruments.

Cryptocurrency that You Must Buy in 2019

It's hard to predict whether 2019 will be a bright year for Cryptocurrency. However, if you are truly determined to invest in crypto currencies, choose popular Cryptocurrency. Among others:


The majority of investors will ignore other crypto currencies and focus on Bitcoin. The reason is clear: Bitcoin is a market driver. Unlike commodities and other investment instruments that do not affect other values, crypto currencies have different properties. The illustrations are as follows:

Even though Apple dominates the US stock market, Samsung's share price will not be affected by this. This does not apply to crypto currencies. Bitcoin is a reflection of the conditions that occur in the market, with various underlying individual factors.

This causes the majority of investors to put their money only on Bitcoin, so the price becomes the main reference of the market situation.

Statistik Bitcoin

In 2018, Bitcoin experienced a massive downturn due to the emergence of Bitcoin Cash and divisions within the underlying community. Now, all of that has been successfully passed. BCH indicates that there will be no more fork that appears in the near future and Bitcoin is in a period of awakening. So far, 2019 is predicted to bring a positive signal for the growth of Bitcoin. So, if you want to invest in Bitcoin, do it now.


This project from Vitalik Buterin experienced difficult times during the ICO and threatened to collapse. Some even say that the apocalypse for Ethereum is near.

Statistik Ethereum

But, 2019 seems to bring fresh air to Ethereum. In January, they will launch Hard Fork Constantinople which is the result of years of hard work on the Ethereum Foundation and Buterin. Unlike Bitcoin Cash, this Hard Fork will increase the performance of Ethereum and become another foothold of the Proof-Of-Work process to Proof-Of-Stake.

On the other hand, the emergence of the Hard Fork will bring disappointment to the Cryptocurrency community because it contradicts the original idea of ​​Nakamoto. The price of Ethereum will decrease slightly in January, before going up and racing. Because of this, it's a good time to invest in ETH.


It is the third largest crypto currency on the list and first managed by someone from the business world, not just Crypto-Enthusiast. The nature of centralization and the ambiguity of XRP as a crypto currency, made many members of the crypto community not glance at it. However, that did not prevent Ripple from becoming an altcoin that continued to compete with Ethereum to rank second.

Statistik XRP

XRP welcomed 2019 without a major scandal. There are no Hard Fork, unnecessary upgrades, or community rejections. The only challenge Ripple faced in 2018 was a lack of user support, and Brad Garlinghouse was trying to catch up with it.

Ripple still relies heavily on the crypto currency market as a whole and won't be able to succeed if Bitcoin fails. Even so, they retain their uniqueness while aiming for wider consumers, along with the rise of the market. In the absence of negative sentiments in view, Ripple is a promising asset for investing today.

Besides the Big Three above, here are some crypto currencies that also attract investors:

  1. Tether
  2. Litecoin
  3. Dash

Other Ways to Get Money from Crypto

If you still want to earn income from cryptocurrency, investing is not the only way. You can also do this by trading. Although the method is somewhat different and requires extra effort, the potential profit earned is quite tempting.

Until now, the Cryptocurrency market is showing a drastic decline and the rise of Shorting action (Renting a commodity, selling it, then buying it again to be returned to the owner). If there is a significant price difference between buying and selling, traders can make a profit. Moreover, seeing crypto currencies can experience price declines of up to 10% in a day, the potential profits that can be obtained are promising.

However, Bullrush that is happening can be bad news. If Cryptocurrency really will rise, the trading strategy above will not be able to be used again. To get equal profits, a more advanced strategy is needed, for example by Scalping. Unfortunately, this strategy requires tens, or even thousands of orders every day. Things that are almost impossible to do on the exchange. That means you need a more powerful and intuitive trading platform.
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